Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The whole caboodle

Hi everyone,
for this month's post I have used the new Dylusions stamps, which are so cute and funny.

Start with a layer RV04,
then add the RV09 (as your darkest colour) and blend the colours together with RV06. 

To get a smoother blend I use the RV04 to blend all layers together. 
For the dog's belly and his slippers I use  V04, 06 and V05. I won't be using the head, so I leave that one un-coloured. 

As you can see I smudged my page. It's not a very good idea to colour one colouring sheet while it's on top of your other colouring sheet! Alcohol inks always bleed through and they might smudge the page underneath. But I won't be put off by this. I decided to add more yellow/green and make it part of the way I colour the giraffe. This way it will be a "happy accident". 

Start with a thin layer of BG01.
Add some YG21 (to make the smudge part of the colouring). 
The spots on the giraffe will be blue. For this I use the B26, B28 and B29.

The body of the dog: start with YG21. 
Add the YG25 and blend all layers together with YG23 and YG21. 

For the dog's boots, collar and tail I use the same colours as the head of the giraffe: 
BG01, BG05 and BG07
B26, B28 and B29.

The mane of the unicorn will be like a rainbow.
Start with a thin layer of the following colours: V04, BG01, B26, YG23, Y15, YR15 and RV05.
Add shadows with one hue darker: V05, BG05, B28, YG25, Y18, YR16 and RV06. 

The dress of the unicorn will be blue/green. I start with the lightest colour, the BG01. Add the darkest colour next, the BG07. Use the BG05 and the BG01 to make a smooth blend. 
The underskirt and dots will be green:YG21, YG23 and YG25.
The collar and boots will be purple: V04, V05 and V06.

I use the BG and Y colours to colour the fox. When you blend the BG and Y colours, you will get a lovely green. Start with the Y13 and the BG01.
Add the Y15 and Y18 for the yellow parts and the BG05 for the blue parts. 

For this cute dog I use yellow and blue.
I start with the Y13 and then the Y19. Make a smooth blend with the Y18, Y15 and Y13.
For the heart and boots I use BG01, BG05 and BG07.

To give the owl a warmer hue yellow I add the YR15.  I start with the Y13. Than I add the Y19 and blend all the layers together with the Y18, Y15 and Y13. Finally I add some YR15. 

For the dress, shoes, and the owl's head I start with the RV04. Add the RV09 and the RV06. Blend all layers together with the RV04. 

The cat's belly and shoes will be purple. Start with the V04. Than add the V09, V06 and V05. 

Use the same colours for the rabbit's head, the V04, V05, V06 and V09. 
 I also use the B26, B28 and B29.
And for the ears I use the YG21, YG23 and YG25.

For her skirt and boots I use V04, V05 and V06 
For the yellow stripes on her skirt I wil use Y18, Y19 and YR15.
And use RV01, 06 and 09 for her stockings.

Use Y15, Y18, Y19 and YR15 for the deer.
His nose and ears will be pink with RV04 and RV06.

And this is how my canvas turned out,hope you like it:

Greteings and see you next month,


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dragonfly60 said...

Oh I love this! Thanks for the inspiration and I hope you post more Dyan Reaveley stuff!