Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Ciccis Favorite BlueGreen Combo

Hello Copic Lovers!
Cicci Here Posting today.
I'm going to show you one of my favorite BG-Combo
I have used an image from Christine Karron

Copic Markers Combo
Dress: B39 34 32 B00 000 BG02 BG72 BG09
Hair: YR20 E52 23 93 70 71 74 79 43
Skin: E93 50 51 53 YR20 E43 70 E23
Dog: E70 57 53 00 23 29 23
Sky and background: B000 00 BG10 Y13 BV31
Socks: B32 34 00 000

Step 1
At the beginning of the colouring I add 3 colours 
(B34 BG72 and BG09)
 on each other.
 Because I just want to have this blue green colour 
I start with B34
 Step  2
 The Second colour is BG72
 I add it on the B34

 Step 3
Colour 3 is BG09

Step 4 
I Blend out the colours I have used before with B32 and B34

Step 5 
I add more of BG72

Step 6 
Add B34
and flick a little from the other colours 

 Step 7
Add B39
I add that one in the part of the dress that I want to be darkest 

 Step  8
Add more of B34 and blend the other colours with B34

 Step 9
Add BG09

Step 10
Add B32 
 Step 11
Add  and Blend a little with  B97
 so you don't see the edge of the dark and light colours

Step 12
Add and blend  a lot of B34 again 

 Step 13
Add  and blend a lot almost over the whole dress 
With BG02 Leave a little white area
 Step 14 
Blend a lot with B00 in the end of the colouring all over the dress

Step 15
At the end I have filled with B32 34 and more of B39 also I blend with B00

Have a Wonderful Day 
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mary noble said...

What a beautiful job you did and a pretty image too; thanks for sharing and the detailed tutorial!

Cicci said...

Hi Mary
Thank you for pop by11 Happy that you like the tutorial and welcome again !! Thank you !! HUGS Cicci

Natalie said...

She is adorable! I love the blue dress.

Cicci said...

Thank you Natalie!! Im happy for your Visit and feel free to visit anytime HUGS Cicci