Saturday, January 26, 2019

bomb diggity

Because it was quite a while ago, I decided to use my airbrush again. 
The airbrush is fabulous for making nice backgrounds with your Copic markers. 

Use a thick cardstock (I am using Bristol paper) and get a few of your stencils out on the table. 

I start with the B04 and spray some colour through my stencil.

My 2nd colour is R34. I also turned the stencil to make a checkered pattern.

I have the small stencil in smaller stripes, so I decided to use that as well in the same colours. 

I thought the background was still a little dull, so I added the Y08 randomly on the page. 

I also use some stamps to make the background a bit more interesting. 

When you use your stencils with an airbrush they really get dirty, but with a little hand sanitiser you clean them in a few seconds. 

Start with a layer of E50 and use BV00 for a schadow.

Add a layer of  E00 over the BV00 to make a warmer skintone. 

Blend  all layers together with E000 and E0000. 

I use the R35, 37 and 39 voor her hair and lips and B04 for her glasses. 

Add shadow with the B06. 

Blend all layers together with the B04. 

Use the Y08, 13 and 18 for the flower and the owl. 

Use the same yellows and blues for the hat and add some BV00 as shadow. 

The trousers , shoes and shirt will be red. I start with the R35. 

I also use  B04 for her shirt.

And some  Y08 for the hearts. Use a thin markers to make a checkered pattern in the hearts of the flower. 

Add more depth with the B06.

And B06. Blend all layers together B04. 
Use the R39 for the darkest parts of her trousers and shoes. 

I also use R37 and then I blend all layers together with R35. 

Use the same colours blue, yellow and red for the houses too.

I found a nice quote on the internet. Use a graphit pencil to write the quote on your page and use a thin marker to trace the words.  

And this is the end result.
See you all next month.


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