Monday, February 12, 2018

Sunflower Tutorial

Good Morning! I'm Cristina Valenzuela, and this month I come with a flower not exactly from this time, but it's a beautiful flower, and one of my favourites, a sunflower.

I'm going to do a simple step by step with the colour process.

I start with Y11 to decide and to leave marked the highest parts, of more light, of each one of the petals of the big sunflower, and the small one.

To have volume the lightest part will be in the center of the petals, towards the outside.

With Y19, a pretty intense colour, I coloured the interiors of the petals and the exteriors to give them volume, to give the effect of curves.

 I add a darker colour, YR24 to the interiors of the petals.

And I obscure these more by laying down E17.

Everything that is around the center of the flower has this colour, but the petals that are above have a lighter colour on both sides of each.

Now I blend the Y19 from before with a bit of Y18, they are similar, you can change to a similar one, Y17, Y15 or use the one before.

I colour the center of the sunflower, it has a base with a very light greenish yellow, YG00.

If you do not have it, something that looks like it.

I add a greener tone to add dots, YG13.

 I continue adding dots with E47, a dark colour, especially for the outermost part.

I use E37 which is clearer towards the center.

One clearer, E34, also dotted, covering more center.

Very dark, E49, you can use any brown, add more outside.

I use E34 again to cover and unify tones.

 To colour the leaves I made it very simple, dark green, in my case G28, I have coloured the centers of the leaves, the stems and the parts that are below or need to have more shade.

I have blended it by using a much lighter green, G21, I have covered everything except the high and outer parts of the leaves.

An almost colourless green, G20 for the exterior of the leaves.

And sunflower finished!!!

Copic colours that I have used:

Sunflower: Y11, Y19, YR24, E17, Y18, YG00, YG13, E47, E37, E34, E49.
Leaves etc: G20, G21, G28.
Background: B000, BG0000, Blender 0.

I hope you put it into practice and you liked it, see you again soon ...

Thanks for your visits and comments!!!