Monday, February 26, 2018

Copic markers, Gelliplate and more

Hi everyone, I have played with Various Ink on my Gelliplate (inspired by You tube and videos by Diny Sprakel). 

what do you need
Various ink 
a stencil 


Put your stencil on the gelliplate.

Add a few drops of Various Ink on the Gelliplate. 

Use the brayer tp spread the ink on your Gelliplate.
You have to work quickly because alcohol inks evaporate quite quickly. 

Use a stamp to make some structure.

I have used the  printables by Carabella.

Use some more ink and another stamp. 

Remove the stencil.

Add a tint layer of piant.

Use your brayer to make a thin layer .

Make a print. 

There is still quite a lot of ink on your stencil. Spray some activator on your stencil and make a print.

I love this funny print.

Take another stencil. 

Drip some ink on the gelliplate, use the stamps..

Add a thin layer of paint.

And make a print. 

I drew a girl and coloured her with my  Copic Markers, starting with E50.

For shadows I use BV000 and BV00.

Add the E00 over the shadow parts.

Blend  all layers together with E000.

I start with YR18 for colouring the hair.

After the  YR 18 I use YR15 en YR14.

I wanted some more depth so I decided to add some E00.

Keep adding the coloures until satisfied. 

I wanted to have her apron a checker pattern (because I love checks). 
I start with the YR16.

For the other colours I use FBV02 and RV06.

 Her dress is going to be pink RV04, RV 06 and RV09.

I use the same colours for het wings.

And this is the finished piece.


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