Thursday, February 22, 2018

Cicci Colouring a Kiwi

Hi Everyone.
Cicci here today posting a tutorial for you. Last Month I coloured a strawberry and I continue with the fruit theme this time.
I hope you will try this,
 I had a lot of fun when I did this Kiwi.

I have used these Copic Markers;

                                                       Kiwi: YG01 YG000  03 G09 E55
E81 87 E84 
Leaves: YG99 97 93 G07 YG03
Background: Varouis Ink
R81 Y00 02 B000

Step 1 
I Start to draw some kiwi and leaves with a pencil
I do a circle in the middle, like the photo in the middle
of the kiwi with E81
You can hardly see the E81 here at this step
but we are going to add more colours there later

Step 2
Start to add YG01
then YG03 on the area with YG01
in the kiwi.
 Start to do the lines 
from the circle to the outer edge of the Kiwi

Step 3
 Add YG03 in the middle of the kiwi as a form of little drops or seed

Step 4
Blend out with YG0000
I also did a circle with the G09, around the whole kiwi
 I'm going to blend out G07 in the next step

Step 5
Blend out the G07 With YG03 

Step 6
 Add YG03 in the middle just small strokes, like a drop
add little E55 in the circle, I did it with E81

 Step 7 
 Do some small strokes in the middle with the G07

Step 8
 Make some half circles in the kiwi with YG03 (Not too much) 
Blend out with YG01 and YG0000
I have also added E87 in the circle on the E81
Blend out E87 with E81

Step 9
Here I added E87 around the whole kiwi on the area
 that I have coloured with G07
Blend with YG03 and YG01

 Step 10
Make some seed with E87 in the middle

 Step 11
Make some seeds in the middle with E87 and then I'm going to 
make some highlights with a with Sakura Gel Pen

At last I blend carefully with YG000 YG01 
I don't want to
 blend out any of the seed I did with E87


I have used Various Ink for the background
R81 Y00 02 B000
and it looks like this

Good luck with  your kiwi and hope to see you next month
HUGS from us at Copic Europe



Barbara Sproatmeyer (LM2) said...

Looks amazing once you get the white gel pen on there. It really brings out the details. Perfect color choices too!

Cicci With the Pen said...

Thank you Barbara!! Happy for your visit and we hoopow to wee you here soon again1! HUGS Cicci