Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Mom's Little Monsters ............ green skin

Hi Everyone, it's Saskia here.

It's almost autumn. Before we know it, it's done with the beautiful weather.
Colouring the leaves is another great source of inspiration for many people.
But also the different holidays are coming back. One of those days is Halloween.
Maybe that's my favorite holiday. I only feel so sorry that we do not celebrate that holiday in The Netherlands.

But fortunately, I can colour all kinds of nice digital prints that are related to Halloween
This time I chose an image by The Paper Shelter. It's called Mom's Little Monsters.

This time I want to show you how to colour a green skin.

I'm  not going to explain it so much. I think you can see what the intention is from the pictures
 I'm going to tell only which colour I've used.

 In addition to Copic Markers I also used Molotow Marker white, Molotow Liquid Chrome and embossing powder.
 Image 1: YG61   -  Image 2: YG63  -  Image 3: YG97 - Image 4: G24

 Image 5 : YG61 - Image 6: G24 - Image 7: YG63 - Image 8 : YG63
 Image 9: YG95 - Image 10: G21 - Image 11: YG63 -  Image 12: YG61

Image 13: YG61 - Image 14: YG61 - Image 15: G91 - Image 16: YG61

Image 17: G21 - Image 18: YG95-97 - Image 19: R35-37 Image 20: R32

Copic Marker Colours: YG61-63, G21-24, YG95-97, R32-35-37 , Y13
Molotow Markers White

 Copic Marker Colours: W0-1-2-4-6,  YG95-97 and Molotow Liquid Chrome

Copic Marker Colours for girl
Skin: E000-00-51-53 G21
Hair: G21-24 and C5-7
Green shades: G1-24-28-29
Purple shades: BV01-02-04-08
Moon relfection: Y11-13
Moon: Y26-28-32-35-38
Caine: R32-35-37 , W1-3-5 
Head stones: W3, E41-42-43, G21-24
Ground: E49-55-59-71-74-77-79
Sky: B45

I hope you have read this post with pleasure.

Until next time!

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Sandra H said...

So beautiful and coloured to perfection x