Sunday, September 17, 2017


Dear members of this European group, 

I have to announce that there have been changes in the Copic Facebookgroups in the UK. 
The old "Copic UK group"does not get support anymore from the Copic community. 
All classes offered there are not the ECCP classes.
The only supported group is the group of our very talented Regional Copic Instructor Faye Wynn-Jones. Copic UK-Official Group.
This is the link to the group:

May I ask you to support this group of our Faye Wynn-Jones by becoming a member, you won't regret it. 
Candy: I will give away a Copic Drawing pen, great for drawing and pen and ink techniques.
On Sunday I will draw a name from the list of alle the members of the group.

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Cicci said...

Hi Diny and Faye
Thank you for the Update and fun drawing Diny:0))
Great group you have created Faye:0))

Hugs to you all
Cicci Wiht the Pen