Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tutorial: Combination for skin colors

Good day Copic Fans. 
I'm Sandra from Italy and today I propose a new tutorial for some different skin combinations . 
Some you can find here, but today I have realized some new that I want to show you.
During ECCP classes we study the Copic Color Wheel and we understand very well how to choose the colors "surfing" between the various families. 
Certainly the easiest method to choose our color palette is to remain on colors that are part of the same family.
So, following this simple rule I made different shades of skin, let's see together 
I started with an olive- beige  palette.
And then  I decided for a dark african skin 
The shades that tend to beige-yellow can be used for the skins of the eastern areas 
After I tried a skin shade with a little bit different dark tones . 
Indian people tones.
In fact, I visited India during my summer holidays and I was very fascinated by the skin of people. 
It 'a dark color, but with a shade totally different from African.
The shade is brown with a gray component, I tried to go using two different types of combo.
The first combo
And the second . I'm really surprise about that combo because I find that has a very realistic look.
Finally another little experiment for you that I made with my favorite skin combo of the moment. 
In both images, I used the exact same colors and I colored the same character .
How you can see the final effect is really different! Look like combo of different colors, instead they are the same. 
This example is to explain you that in addition to the combinations we choose to color our characters, what really makes the difference (an huge different ) is our "hand" and how we use Copic to color. 
With "light" hand
With "heavy" hand
And my collection for skin combos , grows !!I
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, thanks for following me.

Copic used 
Swimming wear BV 01-02-04
Lips :R22- 35
Paper: Perfect Coloring Paper


Becky said...

Thanks Sandra for this tutorial, and what a great idea to have these around.

Shazza said...

this is great, thanks x