Sunday, September 21, 2014

Coloring snow

Now it´s time to start with some christmas card so I will be ready to december.
I really love the winter with the snow och Santa Claus.
To coloring the snow with a good effect is not always that easy
Im trying to add a contrast in the outer edges of the subject to get a deep in the snow,
but still keep the snow white, so the light color is overwhelming
I have been using the color C1,2,5 + blendern.
On the hat i have been using the same coloring, C1,2,5
but not the blender and used  more of  C5 to get a black hat.

You can instead use other colors, BG or T or W.
The imagination is the limits.

Been using:
Snow: C 1,2,5,+ blender    Hat: C 1,2,5     
Scarf: BG 0000,00,53,57
Nose: YR 000,12     Cheek: RV00
Berrys: R 24,27   Leaves: YG 61,67


Becky said...

This is adorable! I love the image and love the trees.

Sandra H said...

So beautiful x

Vivienne Holden said...

Perfect colouring Rozzan. LOVE this card. Need those trees! xxx