Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Dragon and the Fairy

Hello my dear Copic-Fans,
I was quite busy the last month and had the pleasure to show my skills at several live demonstrations.
So some you might know this picture ;)

I'm quite nerdy and love a lot of movies and video-games.
How to train your dragon is one of my favorite animation-movies
and Zelda - Ocarina of Time- my most favorite game.
So I decided to draw a crossover.
The dragon Toothless and the fairy Navi.

Unfortunately I don't have much work in process pictures of the first version
and I total forgot which colors I used because I had drawn the live on a convention.
But don't worry, I've drawn a 2nd version at home only to show
you step by step pictures and to tell you the colors.

Digital sketch


2nd version on Deleter Kent Paper

Copics I used

BV31, BV29, BV25, BV23, BV20, BV17, BV11
B99,B95, B39, B60, B12,B00
E55,E53,E51. E21,E01,E57, E27, E25E11, E000
Y35, Y32,Y11,Y00
YG93, YG63,YG23, YG21,YG13,YG11,YG06,YG00
G43, G46, G20, G17,G21
R89, R46, R34R32

Version 2 on Perfect Colouring Paper

Comparison between version 2 and 1

I hope you like my picture.

Kind regards

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