Friday, April 1, 2022

Viking Princess


Today I want to show you a digital stamp by the Paper Shelter that I colored. I had a lot of fun coloring this one as I tried 2 new (new to me anyway) techniques: patina (on the helmet) and leopard print fur. 

Let me show you my step by step for this one. 

I always use E00, E21, E11 and E04 for skin. Starting with the darkest color and I color 2 layers. For the second layer I don't use E04, only E11, E21 and E00.

Some rosy cheeks and pink lips are created with E30, E32 and E35. 

Since it's a fantasy image, I thought I would do some violet eyes. I used V01, BV02 and BV13 for this.

I love to create purple hair and this color combination is my favorite to use V09, V17, V15 and V12.

I really wanted to try rust/patina because I love the color combination. I must say, I like the way it turned out.

Some wooden parts with E59, E57, E55.

I wanted the sword to look more like a sort of home made metal item rather than real, so I used some darker greys than I would do for a more real effect. T6, T4 and T2

Some gold colored details for our little princess with Y28, Y26 and Y23. Make sure you go completely over the Y28 with your Y26 for this.

I used E55, E53, E51 and E50 to color the horns on the helmet.

Another thing I wanted to try was leopard print fur. I used E55 and E53 for the base color and W10 with E35 for the spots. This also worked out the way I wanted it.

The little dress had to match, yet be simple, so I just used some natural light tones E33, E31, E30.

Some popping accessories with BG49, BG13 and BG23.

Some trendy furry boots with E49, E59, E57, E55.

A cute little green dragon with G29, YG67  G24, G21 and for the belly YG03, YG21 and YG00.

Some purple details to match his friend, I used the same colors.

R17, YR09, YR07, YR04, Y17, Y15 for the flames and N4, N2, N0 for the smoke. 

A little background to make it al pop N5, N4, N2 for the ground and B01, B00, B000 for the 'sky'. 

I hope you all like this one as much as I do.
Have fun coloring!

See you next time.
Annemarie van Velze de Mooij

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