Monday, April 18, 2022

Rose Fairy

Hello Copic lovers!

Today is my turn to get you inspired by using Copic markers!

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Today I am sharing my colouring of the lovely Rose fairy by Hanna Lynn. I cannot share a link here because this image was available for Patreons only.


 My skin color combo is E0000, E000, E00, E11, E21 and R20 for the cheeks. I always start with E0000 all over the skin.Then I mark my shadows with E11.

I go over my E11 with E21 in order to darken my shadows . Cheeks I color with R20.

At last I go all over the skin with E00 and E000.

My skin is ready. Sometimes I'm not satisfied with the shadows and I repeat the steps again. I always do this twice.

I colored her lovely eyes with G21 and G94.

Today I wanted to show a dark blond hair. I used only two colours E33 and E35. I'm starting with the lightest color E33 making long strokes.

My E33 is followed by E35 also with strokes

I always twice.

For the greenery i used G21 and G94. Marking the shadows with G94,and blending with the lightest G 21.

Her dress and the roses are coloured with my favorite pink color combo R81, R83, R85, R89.

The background of the image is coloured with C2 and B00.

At the end my finished project.

That's all for friends. Hope you were inspired!

See you soon and happy happy crafting!

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