Saturday, August 14, 2021


Hello everyone, for my August post I thought of making a drawing that expresses the summer, trying to make a tanned complexion to the complexion of my anime girl.

Here is the procedure:

After drawing with Copic Multiliner, use E000 for the base of the complexion.

E00, E21 and RV10 to complete the complexion.

Y02, G00 and BG23 to color the eyes.

C-1 for shade in the eyes.

C1 and E02 for the mouth.

G00 and BG23 for hair.

Copic Multiliner to color eyelashes and I use a white gel pen to give light to the face and eyes.

To color the bikini I use Y000 and Y02, I use R02 to draw the fantasy of the bikini and W3 to make the shadows.

I use a white gel pen to give light to the hair.

V91 and B000 for background.

This is the end result, I hope you enjoy it.

Until next time!


Sandra H said...

Absoultely beautiful colouring x

Ana said...

Excellent work!!!