Sunday, August 22, 2021

Cicci coloring gemstone

 Hi Copic Lovers

Cicci  here posting and today I did a gemstone in green!!

I have blend a lot in this one. 

Copoc combo I have used

YG01 YG03 YG11 YG17 G 28 G29  FYG2

Gely Roll pen 08

Step 1
Start to draw a gemstone

Step 2
Add YG03 YG17 and G28
Blend with YG17 and YG03

Step 3
Blend all over the colors you have add

Step 4
Add and blend with YG01

Step 5 
Add YG17

Step 6
Add and blend with YG03

Step 7
Add and blend YG01 again

Step 8
Add some more YG17

Step 9 
Add YG17 again and also G29
Blend with YG17

Step 10
Add FY02

Step 11
Add G29 again

Step 12
Blend whit YG01

Step 13
Add G29 again

Step 14
Add and blend YG17

Step 15
Add and blend YG01

Step 16
Add and blend FYG2

Step 17
Add G29 again

Step 18
Blend with G28

Step 19
Add G29 again

Step 20
Blend with FYG2

Step 21
At the end I have blend with YG01 all over the gemstone
and then I add some white highligts with a white gely Roll 08 pen

Thank you for Visit Copic Europe blog and welcome again