Thursday, April 22, 2021

Cicci color a horse

 Hi Friends

Cicci here posting from Sweden. 

Today Im going to make a little horse. It was a very little horse a drew and it was a long time that I did such a little drawing. Sometimes I think its so much easier to color big with Copic Markers!! Ok lets get started- I try the best I can with this little little horse:0))

I did a horse in grey some years ago and you found it in the blog, and that was in A4 size!

Another horse by Cicci

Copic Combo

E53 E51 Y21 E95 E99 E00

Step 1
Draw a horse or use a stamp
Start to color with Y21

Step 2
Start with Y21

Step 3
Add E53

Step 4
Add and blend with E51

Step 5
Add E95

Step 6
Add E99

Step 7 

Blend all over with Y21

Step 8
Add and Blend with E51

Step 9
Add more E53

Step 9
Blend with E51

Step 10
Add a little E57

Step 11
Blend with E53

You can go over with more of the darker color and 
blend it out if you want to 
have a darker brown

If you want more yellow in the color you just add more of E21 or some Yellow marker.
Just use what you like and have fun!!!!

Have a wonderful Day 





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