Wednesday, September 4, 2019

"Be creative ..."

Hello Copic lovers,

I want to show you another way to use your Copic Various inks. 
It's also the workshop that I will be teaching at the Stempel Mekka in Hagen, Germany. 

The supplies you need are:
Synthetic paper A4
Various ink, I used 2 colors
A straw
Craft sheet

To protect your table, place your synthetic paper on your craft sheet.

Spray some activator on your paper and put some drops of the first color, V17, on your paper. Work fast, because it's still alcohol.

Blow through your straw to distribute the color. I forgot to take a photo of that, sorry.

The next step is to drip some activator on your page, in a different place than the first and drip the second color, R46. Again blow through your straw to distribute the second color.

Your repeat these steps until you are satisfied with it.

When the page is dry, I used gold foil. It will stick to the darker colors on the page, because this is sticky.

I just love how my background turned out.

From this page I can make 2 cards, I cut it through the middle.

For this card is use the new Grungestamps from Studio light.

The first flower is colored with R59, R46 and R14, in this order.

The second flower is colored with V17, V15 and V12.

I also use a butterfly from a new Grunge stamp from Studio light.

It's colored with the same colors as the flowers.

I glued my flowers and butterfly on my page.
The text is washi tape, also from studio light.
With a Molotow acrylic markers made the white dots in the flowers, butterfly and page.

The colors I used are:
Various ink V17 and R46
Flowers and butterfly, R59, R46 and R14 / V17, V15 and V12.

If you have the chance, please visit the Copic stand at the Stempel Meka in Hagen, Germany and say hello to Diny, Yvonne and me!

Untill next time!

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