Monday, August 26, 2019

99 problems

Hi Copic friends, today another post by me, Miranda. 

I made an art journal page using the new Dylusions stamps which I coloured with Copic markers. 

The background is blue yellow and green and I decided to use the same colours for my images. I start with the skin tones and use E50 first.

Use BV00 for shading. 

Add E00 on the BV00.

Blend all layers together with E000.

I use RV20 for some rosy cheeks and blend this colour in with E000. 

Her eyes will be green, start with YG11.

Add some YG13.

And the YG17. 

Finally I use YG67.

Blend all layers together with  YG 11 and YG 13. 

I use the same greens for other images. Start with YG11.

Use YG 13 to create some depth.

Use YG17 next. 

When you have added all the layers, blend them together with YG11.

Sometimes I start colouring all the parts that need to be green first and than add all the darker hues. But sometimes I start colouring and finish that one image completely before I start colouring another image. Both ways work for me. 

The roses in her hair will be yellow, I start with Y13. 

Next layer is Y13. 

Final layer is Y18. 

Blend the layers together with Y11 and Y13. 

Her eyeshadow will be yellow too. Use Y11 and Y13. 

The rest of her hair is going to be blue. I start with B12. 

Add the B14. 

And the B16.

And finally the B18. 

Blend all layers together with B12 and B14. 

Colour all the other elements using the same blues. 

Finally I use Y13 and Y15 for some small parts. 

Cut out all the images and make a nice composition on your background. 

Add some doodles and a nice quote with e.g.  Copic Multiliners  and voila my page is ready. Hope you're liking it. 

See you next month

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