Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Copics and coloured pencils

Hello fabulous Copic fans, I love my Copic markers but I also love my coloured pencils. So what could be better than combining your 2 favourite colouring tools.

For today's post I chose a colouring sheet by Christine Karron. 

Start colouring the skin with the E50. Add a thin layer with the broad nib of the Copic marker to get an even coverage of colour. Then add BV00 for shadow.  Cover the BV00 with E00 to get a warmer skin tone. Blend all layers together with the E000 and E0000. 

When colouring the eyes I start with the lightest colour first, the YG13. Then add YG17. For the darkest part of the eye I use YG67. Blend all layers together with the YG13. For some shadow in the eyes I use the W3. Use RV10 for her lips. 

For the leaves I use the same colours as for her eyes, YG13, YG17 and YG67. For some highlights I use the FY1. 

I started colouring the rosebuds with the R02, R05, R08 and R29. After I coloured her hair, I thought the rosebuds were too orange so I decided to add another layer of colour, a more rosy red. I chose RV25. 

Her little basket will be brown. Start with E35, then add the E37 and the E39. For the darkest parts I use E49 to give the basket more depth. 

I love roses like this, rosa rubiginosa or eglantine. 
Start with the lightest colour, RV21. Add more depth with RV23 and RV25. 

Use the RV29 for the darkest parts of the rose. Blend all layers together with the RV23 and RV21.
When I started colouring this image I didn't have any clue what colour hair this pretty fairy should have. After I coloured the roses I knew her hair should be pink. When colouring hair I always start with the darkest colour first, the RV29.

After the RV29 I use the RV25, then the RV23 and blend all the layers together with RV21. Sometimes you might want to add some RV29 again, to enhance the colour a bit after blending it with RV21.

For the wings I use YG13, YG17, RV23, RV25, B000, B02 and B04. 

For the background I use YG11, YG13, B000 and B00. 

After all the Copic colouring is done I will add some coloured pencils in similar colours and some gel pen white for highlights. 

I hope you like the end result.

 have a fabulous day and see you all next month,


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