Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Colouring Anime

Hi! Today I am sharing an anime image I coloured. I didn't make a card with it, I will be putting it in a frame and hanging it in my craft room.  

The colours I used for the skin are not my usual skin colours, as anime tends to have deeper shading

First I applied a base of  E00 and E000 all over the skin areas. 

I went back and applied more E00 in the darker areas. 

For darker shading I applied R12 and blended it with E000

More R12

For even more depth I used E04 

And finally I pulled the E04 out a little with the R12

For her eyes I used B26, B24 and B21, going from the darkest colour at the top of the eye down to the lightest colour at the bottom of the eye. 

To colour the hair I started off with B000, a very light blue.  

BGO1 is a little darker

Next I applied some B63

My darkest colour is B66. Once I applied that I kept going back in with the other colours until I was happy with the hair. 

On the shirt I used R14, R46 and R89. 

I also used these reds for the glasses. 

Yellows and blacks for the glove -
Y13, Y15, Y17
N3, N5, N7

I used the N3, N5, and N7 again for the straps of her backpack. 

At this point I felt the skin shading needed more definition so I applied some BV01, RV32 and laid down some R12 over them. 

I colouored the whole background in N7 to give the image more of a pop. 

I hope you like today's tutorial and that I've inspired you to take out your markers. 

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