Friday, March 22, 2019

Cicci - Just two blue Copic Markers for the hair

Hi Everyone.
Cicci here, Today I'm just using two Copic Markers for the blue hair ;0)
You don't always have to use a lot of Markers even if that is lots of fun!

I have used an image from the Glimps!!
Love this little reading girl!!

Copic Markers Combo
Hair: B39 and B34
Skin: E51 50 53 11 13 R20 R30 14
Books: R14 39 89 35
Gold: E53 Y28 26 02
Brown: R23 11 E47 49
Blue: B00 000 B39
Shoes: YG00 03 17 G28
Jeans: RV63 66
T-shirt: FY1 FYR1
Background: B000 00 29 26 21 BG49 09 FBG2
White Dots with a Posca pen

Step 1 
Start to fill the lines in the hair with B39

Step 2
Continue to Blend a lot with B34

Step 3
Use B39 again 

Step 4
Blend one more time with B34

Step 5 
Add B39 one more time 


 Have a wonderful day and thank you for visiting us today,


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