Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Colouring Folds and Pleats

Hi everyone! It's Sandie here and today I am sharing how I colour folds and pleats. 

Many character stamps have the folds and pleats already included in the line art but there are some instances when you need to add them yourself, or you just want to add more to the image you're working with. This is the case with the stamp I'm using, Stamping Bella's Uptown Zodiac Girl Cancer

The image is stamped onto Holtz Perfect Colouring Paper using Memento black ink. 

First I start, as always, by colouring the skin. 
My go-to colours are E000, E00, E11, E04, and R20 for the cheeks. 

First I lay down some E11 along the edges and then E04 for very dark shadows. 

I blend out the E04 with the E11.

then I use E00 and E000 to finish the skin. I sometimes go back over the darker areas until I am happy with the shading. 

For the hair I like to use E50, E53 and E33. 

On this dress I am going to use the BG family. 
BG10, BG11, BG13, BG15 and BG18.

I take the BG10 and map out the folds, and also any extra folds or pleats I want to add. Then I go back over them with BG11. 

Next I go in with BG15, which is not my darkest colour.

I blend out the BG15 and fill in more of the white space with BG13. It's a little bit messy looking at this point but it will smooth out by the time it's finished. 

I blend with BG11. This will lighten all of the colour but we are going to go back in with our darker shades, BG13 and BG15.

To finish off the dress, apply BG18 for the darkest shading. Keep building colour using your makers until you're satisfied. 

The finished dress, with extra folds added. 

Now to finish the whole image. I used R32, R35, and R37 for the crab. 

R81, R83, R85 for the flower in her hair. 
And that completed the image. 

 I made a very clean and simple card which gave focus to the coloured image. 

Thanks for dropping in today

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