Wednesday, November 22, 2017

life is too short...

Hi lovely Copic friends, Miranda here with a new post to share.
This time I would like to focus on how I colour hair. 

,But first the skin, I always start with a thin layer of E50. 

For some depth I add BV00 and BV02. Blend the layers together with E00 and E0000. 
Use B16, B14 and B12 to colour the eyes. There is always some shadow in the eyes too, use the W1 and W3 for shadows. 

Allthough I normally start with the lightest colour first, with colouring hair I start with the darkest one here the BG09. 

Then add the BG07.

Add BG04 and blend all the layers together with BG02.
Sometimes you have to go back to the darkest colour, because that might get a bit faded out after adding the lighter colours. 

And this is the end result. I have decided to use a blue-green because it's complementary with the reds and pinks in the background. If you blend those colours together you will make mud, but if you use the colours this way the complementary colours will make each other look brighter. 

have a wonderful day


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