Saturday, November 25, 2017

Cicci; candy cane and light source

Hi Everyone.
I hope you all have a great time.
Cicci here, today I would like to show how I coloured this cute image,
called Candy Elf Helpers, from Make it Crafty.
I going to show you a tip to see the lightsource and How I coloured the brown Candy Cane. 

I have used these Copic Markers:
Skin: E50 51 53 04 11 13 R20 22 R01
Green Clothes: YG93 95 97 99 
The little one
Red Clothes: R14 24 27 39 35 89
Bell: Y26 68 Y21 Y00
Hair:  E50 51 53 YR31 
Eyes: Y21 E23 27
Brown on Jumper and shoes: E23 25 27 
Candy Cane: E23 25 27 29 49 18 39 Y000 02 
The oldest boy
Hair: E43 44 53 57 59 11
 Green:: YG93 95 97 99 
Brown: E27 23 25 Y21 
Eyes: G29 20 Y000
Golden Pants: Y26 28 Y00 Y21
Forest and Sky: B99  B97 95  B000 93 39  B00  
Snow: B00 000 BG10 BG11 B45 41 60
Houses: E44 47 49
Window Light: Y00  Y21
Moon: E71 70 E000 51 Y21  Y000 V000 B000 00
White Posca Pen for the snow 

The Light source is from the moon, which I have drawn.
I lay down two pens from the direction of the moon. This is the way I see where I'm going to put my light on the images.
 (I have used Yellow for the light here.)

I colour the Candy Cane this way.

 Add E29.

Add E25 on the E29.

 Then I add some E27.
I let one side of the candy cane stay white, there I want to add some yellow colours after I have blended out the brown colours.

Then I add some E36  and E18 on the other colours. Blend out with  E99 and E23.

Add Y02 and blend with Y000.
 Feather the yellow and the brown together.
 I use E23 and Y000 00 02 for this.

 I add one more layer of E29 25 23 on the area were I started to colour in Step One.
 I finish with E23 on top of the Candy Cane, because there will be no light  from the moon there and I want it darker on that area. 
I finish, by adding E49 to get a little more depth in the colouring and crossing the whole candy cane  with Y000 to smooth out the yellow and brown.

DONE ;0))

Have a wonderful day and I hope to see you here at the Copic Europa Blog again



Katrina Brown said...

Love the tutorial! Cicci is so talented and I'm excited to see a tutorial from her on your blog!

Cecilia Gunnarsson said...

Awww thank you so much Katrina!! So Happy that you like the post Here at Copic Europa Blog!!! HUGS to you
Cicci :0))