Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Best Pals

Hi Everyone, it's Saskia here.

A lot of people forget how important friends are. Sometimes they are even more important than family.  
 Fortunately, I can say that I have a few lovely girlfriends who are always ready for me. It does not matter what stupidity I take out, they are always there for me.

I made the background with Copic refills, Yupo paper and Copic Activator.

The image is a digital stamp "Best Pals"  from Mo Manning.

 Step 1: First put with BV01thin stripes in her hair.
Step 2: Put with BV02 more thin stripes in her hair.
 Step 2: Put with BV04 more thin stripes in her hair.
But make sure you do not mix all the other colours.
 Do not try to put the lines together but next to each other. 
  Step 4: Finally, draw a few thin lines with BV08,
but make sure you put only a few lines, otherwise this colour will dominate.
I used the following Copic Markers to colour this print.
 Girl on the left:
Skin: E11-13-15
Eyes: YG07
Hair: C5-7-9, RV13-14-19 and Molotow Neon Pink
Hoody: B21-23-24-26
Pants: RV13-14-19
Sneakers: B21-23-24 and glitter pen

Girl in the middle:
Skin: E0000-000-00-11- R20
Eyes: B24
Hair: BV01-02-04-08
Sweater and legging: YG01-05-07-17
Skirt and socks: C1-3-5-7-9 and Glitter pen
Sneakers: : C1-3-5 and YG07
Skirt: B91-93-95-97-99 
Girl on the right:
Skin: E000-00-11-21-R22-BV00
Hair: B24-26-28 and C5-7-9-110
Sweater: R24-27-29-39-C7-glitter pen
Skirt: B91-93-95-97-99
Boots: C5-7-9-110 and Molotow White

Background: RV09-V17-B28
I hope you have read this post with pleasure.

Until next time!

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