Monday, March 20, 2017

Woodland Guardian

I have made another art journalpage using an image by Tanya Bond.
This is the Woodland Guardian from the Inklings 2 colouring book.

I started with adding a quick layer of E50. I do not bother about colouring smoothly in this stage. I will add many more layers which I will blend together in the end.

With BV00 I add some shadows where I think they should be. 

After the BV00 I added some E00, E000 and blended all layers together with E0000. For some more depth add some more BV00 and W1 and W3. This will give you a warm shadow. As you can see all layers are blended together now.

For the eyes and hair I used some green, YG11, 13, 17,67 and 99.
I start with the darkest colour first working my way back to the lightest. When you are finished you might want to go back and add some more of the darkest colours. With all the layering and blending the darkest colours might be faded a little. Adding some fresh ink will enchance the colours again. 

I used A3 size bristol paper and added a layer of Copic Ink, using the Copic Airbrush and G14, YG07, G85, E57, YR61, YR68 and some stencils. 

In the end, because the background still looked a bit pale, I added Pan Pastels to add some more colour. The Pan Pastels are not opaque so the layers underneath, made with the Copic Airbrush and stencils, are still visible. 
I also stamped a little in the background (stamps by Studio Light).

This is the finished creation. For the dress and headpiece I used YR 27, 20, 21, 61, 65, 23,24, E29, 35,34, 37, BG10,11 and 13 as well. 
I found the quote on the internet, it's by M. Gandhi. I used the Copic Multiliners (brush nib and small nib) to do the lettering.

see you next month


Gerrittina said...

Wat gaaf Miranda. Dat letteren doe je ook al zo knap!!

Juanita said...

Fantastic Miranda!