Sunday, March 19, 2017


Hello Copic fans

I am Juanita, the newest member in the Copic Marker Europe team.

Like Diny already told you, I am a dutch girl and live in Switzerland for over 25 years.
I am married and almost 47 years old.
I love to color with my Copics but also paint with Aquarell, Acryl, pencils
 and also like scrapbooking.

I hope that I will inspire you with my work.

  Today I will show you a rose that I have drawn.
If you would like to colour it also, just become a follower of this blog and
write an e-mail to this address:

I will show you step by step how I coloured it.

First I start with B63 and make the shadow.
I start flicking at the pencil line in the direction to the end of the rose leaf.

You put your point straight down and sweep away quickly.

Then I take V01 and colour the whole rose with it.
Also in the same direction.

Now it looks like this.

With BV29 I do the darkest shadow.

Then I take the B69 and go over the BV29 and a little bit further.

Go on with B66.
Just take a little bit of B69 and go a little bit further again.

Do the same thing with B63.

As you can see it doesn't blend very well. Start at the beginning again, and it will look better.

The best thing is to do one leaf at the time.

Then I go with V01 over the B63 and a step further again.
Then blend it with V000.

The next photo shows you how I flick the end of the leaf with RV13.

After I have done all the petals, it looks like this.

Then I take a white gel pencil and the Copic glitter pen "Blossom"
and made some highlights.

After that I take the Copic Gasenfude and doodle some lines.
The circles I did with a Pronty mask.

I made gemstones of it, the same way as the rose, using B66, B63, V01 and V000.

For the shadow under the rose and gemstones I used
 C3, C2, C1, C0 and C00.

I just made a simple card with my rose.

The digi looks like this, I would love it if you coloured it too.
So become a member and write a e-mail!

One more time the colours I've used:

Rose and gemstones: BV29, B69, B66, B63, V01, V000, RV13
Shadow: C3, C2, C01, C0, C00

I hope that I inspired you to get colouring.

Have a great day!

Hugs Juanita


ike said...

That is really gorgeous :-D xx

BAstelfeti said...

Wow wonderful instruktions.

Greeting BAstelfeti