Thursday, March 2, 2017

Love Copic handlettering !

Hello Copic lovers,

It's Blankina here with a new hand lettering post for you.
A mix of a hand drawn design and hand lettering with my beloved Copics.

Again lots of photos to get an impression of how my design was made
 (sorry not always of a very good quality 
..I might need an assistant while drawing... anyone interested??)

I have started to make a sheet with lines using some rulers.
These sheets are also useful when you are trying hand letter types..
like practice sheets. Perhaps I will do a tutorial some time.

Now I have put a normal white sheet of paper above the lined sheet,
through the paper I can see the lines.
I really need this help otherwise my writing will be awfully crooked.

I have written the word " hand lettering "  with a pencil.

Slowly I am adding more things to my design,
I have drawn a copy of a sketch marker ...and a little heart.
After I have continued drawing an SP Multiliner too, some more hearts and
a line with an arrow.

The design in pencil is ready, 
now I have copied the drawing with my printer onto
Perfect Colouring Paper.
As the original was in pencil I now have grey outlines.

With a black Sketch marker (100) I have emphasised 
the grey lines of the big letters LOVE.
Using the chisel side of the marker, 
you need to hold the marker quite straight for the best result.

Also the "frame" lines get emphasized with the chisel side of my black Sketch marker.

Afterwards I started to add some colour to my Sketch marker design,
I have chosen the grey markers from the T family.
I have used T0 on the whole marker , and T1 and T3 for the shadowing.

To colour my SP Multiliner drawing I have used some darker shades of the grey T family.
T2 and T4 and for the letters on the Multiliner I have used  a black Multiliner 0.3

The text on the drawn and later coloured Sketch marker was added with a cool grey SP Multiliner 0.3
The finals of the lids were coloured with T7 and black (100) Sketch marker.

Now it was time to add some colour to the text hand lettering, 
of course I could have continued with the black and grey..
but I have so many pretty Copic colours..why not use them?
For these kind of letters I have used the pencil side of the marker.
Using a blue from the B family (B24)

After having used the B24 I have passed some B28 too, 
to add some shading...just blending these two colours.

Some details we added using my Multiliners and a white gel pen,
The outlining of the text hand lettering was done with a black Copic Multiliner 
with a very small tip (0.05)

This is the end result...Hope you have enjoyed reading and watching :) my post,
perhaps it can inspire you to do some hand lettering with your Copics too!

Copics used:

SP Multiliner black 0.3
Multiliner black 0.05
SP Multiliner cool grey 0.3
SP Multiliner cobalt 0.3

100, T0, T1, T2, T3, T4, B23, B28

Until next time!


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that is awesome love it!!!!!!

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This is really clever❤
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