Wednesday, November 2, 2016

dare to fall

the bird who dares to fall, is the bird who learns to fly

Quite recently I bought some lovely images by Tanya Bond. Her drawings have cute animals in it and they are great for colouring with Copic Markers. 

So I had a lot of fun colouring this girl and her hummingbirds. After I had finished colouring this image I made an art journalbackground with paints and stencils and found this great quote about birds on the internet.  

I always start colouring the skin first. When that doesn't turn out right I will start all over again. 
For the skin I used E50, 51, 00, 000, 0000. For shading I used W1 and 3, BV000 and 00 and a tiny bit of BG0000.

For the eyes I used B39, 37, 34, 32 and for shading inside her eyes the BV0000 and W1. 
And for the lips, E93, R20 and 22.

YR23, 18, 16,14, 21 and E09 were used for the hair. I normally start with adding the darkest colour first working my way back to the lightest one. With all these layers the darkest colours tend to turn out a little lighter than usual, so I go back to the darkest colour to enhence it a bit more. 

For the leafs in the background, in her dress and in her hair I have used YG06, 17 and 67. 
In her dress there is as well BV000, 00 and 02. 

I have used quite a few colours for colouring the hummingbirds
 and the flowers.
Flowers: V04, 05, 06, YR23, 18, 16 and 15
Birds: V04, 05, 06, YR23, 18, 16 ,15  BV000, 00 and 02.

if you have any question about this creation  please pop me a message on FB

have a wonderful day and see you next month