Friday, November 4, 2016

The Seven Dwarfs

Hi Copic fans.

Occasionally you will work entirely in the wrong order. I've also done once again this time. In itself not a problem, you just deliver yourself a lot of work. When I bought this Seven Super Funny Dwarfs by Mo Manning, I printed them directly on Perfect Colouring Paper because I wanted to colour with my Copic Markers. During the colouring I had the idea to combine this with Gem-Tangles.

Probably, you have seen all kinds of versions of Gem-Tangles on the Internet recently.
Diny Sprakle hasshown us how you can do this with Copic markers or colouring pencils. But I wanted to go one step further. I wanted to incorporate letters instead. The letters and gems are drawn with a black Copic Multiliner 0.1mm and the fracture lines with colored Copic Multiliners.
The characters are made with a Letter Mask from the brand Dutch Doobadoo.

 After I was finished with colouring, I had a problem ....... what to do as a background? Luckily my husband had great idea ......why not a cave with diamonds?

 So I drew a few rocks, cut out and decorated them with modeling paste and let it dry overnight. I have them tinted with the Copic Airbrush. But still I'd not got the effect I wanted.

  So I thought I would go and see if I could find something that looked like diamonds. Fortunately, I found out that I still had some Ranger Stickles.That was just what I needed for a glitter effect. But when finished, it was still not to my liking.


Then the rest of the project should also receive a rocky appearance. First I placed a basic layer on my paper with the Copic Airbrush. I ripped white tissue paper into pieces and applied to the paper with Glazing Medium.  After drying, I have brought all tinted back with the Airbrush. By now you'd think you have what you want. 

 Fortunately there are more products I like to work with. So I added some depth with a few brown colours of Pan Pastel.

Finally, I could start building my project.
First I got the rocks and letters glued in place. Then I made a lot of little gems to bring back the colours of the gems in the background of the project. These colours I would have used on the dwarves but those details are so small that they do not stand out. By applying all those little blue and green gem it was still a beautiful whole.

These are all the colours I used :

Background with Airbrush:
Y26 - E07- E25 - E34

Dwarf on beer barrel:
Skin: E000 - E00 - E11 - E13 - E93 - R20
Beard: E35 - E37
Blouse: E31 - E33 - E34
Pants: B91 - B93 - B95 - B97 - B99
Socks: B24 - YG95 - YG97
Boots: E84 - E87 - E89
Mug: C1 - C3 - C5 - C7
Dwarf with green hat:
Skin: E000 - E00 - E11 - E13 - E93 - R20
Beard: W00 - W1 - W3
Vest: E43 - E44 - E47
Green Parts: YG93 - YG95 - YG97 - YG99
 Blue Parts: B21 - B23 - B26 - B28
Mug: C1 - C3 - C5 - C7 - R05

Dwarf with red hat:
Skin: E000 - E00 - E11 - E13 - E93 - R20
Beard: W00 - W1 - W3 - W5
Reds: R35 - R46 - R59
Blue tones B23 - B24 - B26 - B28
Yellows: Y38
Browns: E42 - E43 - E44 - E47

Dwarf with pick axe :
Skin: E000 - E00 - E11 - E13 - E93 - R20
Beard: E33 - E35 - E37
Helmet: C3 - C5 - C7 - Y11 - Y38 and E41
Jack: E08 - E35 - R59
Pick axe: C3 - C5 - E42 - E43 - Y09
Greens: YG93 - YG95 - YG97 - YG99
Browns: E25 - E27 - E29
Coins: Y38
Greys: C1 - C3 - C5 and W3 - W5 - W7

 Plump Dwarf
Skin: E000 - E00 - E11 - E13 - E93 - R20
Beard: C0 - C1 - C3
Upper: E84 - E87 - E89
Underwear: E33 - E35 - E37 - 0
Boots: E84 - E87 - E89
Pants: YG93 - YG95 - YG97 - YG99
Bracelet: Y35 - Y38 - R39
Mug: C1 - C3 - C5 - C7

Dwarf with big bag
Skin: E000 - E00 - E11 - E13 - E93 - R20
Beard: C0 - C1 - C3
Vest, bag and bracelet: E33 - E35 - E37 - E39 and Molotow Metallic Gold
Hat: B21 - B93 - B97 - B99 - E33 - E35 - E37 - Y38 - Y35
Pants: B93 - B97 - B99 - Y28 and molotow Metallic Gold 
Boots: W3 - W5 - W7 - W9
Seated Dwarf:
Skin: E000 - E00 - E11 - E13 - E93 - R20
Beard: E07 - E09 - E29
Blouse: YG93 - YG95 - YG97
Pants: B91 - B93 - B95 - B97 - B99 - E44 - Y38
Boots: E84 - E87 - E89 and W5 - W7 - W9
Bracelets: Y32 - Y35 - Y38 - R27 - R59
Mug: C1 - C3 - C5 - C7

Finally, the colour combination of text and gems:
Blue gems: B21 - B23 - B24 - B28 - B39
Green gems: YG01 - YG03 - YG25 - G09
Text: R29 - YR14 - YR16 - YR68

The lines are put with Molotov White.

I hope you have read this post with pleasure.
Until next time.



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