Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Desolation of Smauglock

Hello Copic-Fans!
This is my 2nd entry and today I'll show you a fanart.
I'm not only a Copic artist, I also love to draw comics/doujinshis(Japanese term for fan-comics)/mangas.
As a huge fan of the BBC TV-show Sherlock and the Lord of the Rings
/the Hobbit, I started a few month ago a crossover-comic/doujinshi and this is the cover.
It's a parody and I thought a funny illustration in Chibi-style would fit well.

At first I made a digital concept picture.
Making a digital sketches can help a lot and gives you an idea how to colour
the outlines with Copics.

I started with grey outlines an marked the highlights with a yellow Multiliner.


For the gold I used the confetti stroke/technique.

Alternative scan

Copics I used:

RED: R89, R59,R46, R43, R37, R22
BLUE: V95,  R22,B99, B97, B95, B91, B45, BV29
EARTH: E87, E84, E74, E71 E55, E44, E43, E37,E35, E33, E31,E27. E18, E15, E13, E04  
YELLOW:  Y35,Y32, Y26 YR00,Y17, Y15,  YR13, Y11Y04.Y21 Y00
YELLOW-RED:  YR23, YR20, YR14, YR13, YR12,YR00
YELLOW-GREEN:  YG95, YG67, YG23, YG21 
GREEN: G94, G46, G28,
GREY: N3, C3, W3, W1

I'm sorry, I mixed a lot of colours an can't tell exactly which one I used for what.
I can only tell for sure, that I used
for Skin: E53, E50, E21, E00, R12
and for shadows:  B60, BV31, BV25, BV23, BV20, BV11 (these are my secret weapon, I use them for EVERY picture)

Additional Material:
 Multiliners in different colors an pencils for the background

I hope you like the picture.
If you want to read the doujinshi/comic,
you can find it on Deviantart and Animexx.

See you next time!


Becky said...

wow! This is just awesome.

Sandra H said...

Stunning x