Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hair tutorial from Daria Myagkikh

Hi everybody!

Today it is my turn to create a tutorial for you. I am very excited as it is my first Copic tutorial!
So I decided to show you my way of coloring hair - as I find it most relaxing, interesting and enjoyable thing to color :)

So for this post I decided to use image from Artist Catzilla (you can see her library over here)

I start coloring all pictures with the skin because of two reasons.
1. It is the most noticable part of the picture (the first thing you will look at is a face). So if I made any mistake there I would not use spoiled image.
2. Skin is lighter than the hair (Almost all the characters that I color are brunettes). So if you accedently touch dark hair with your light marker - a bit of dark color will stay on the tip. You may not notice it and when you continue coloring skin - you will have a blur right in the middle of characters face. :)

Any way let's start creating our hairstyle :) This lady will be a brunette (as usual in my case he-he)... I would say with dark walnut color.

I use a classic way of coloring - "from light to dark". So I started with the lightest color - E53.  With the flicking motions I added color to those places which would be the darkest. Do not rush to color every bit. If you are not sure - just leave it blank. 

Than if you are happy with the result start adding darker shades.

Е44 и Е47

So we have the structure of our future hairstyle. I like it! :)
That means that we can continue adding more colors.
And again - from light to dark:

Е53, Е44

This time I will add E49 for more deep dark brown.

After that I would like to soften strong contrast. I use Е53, Е44 again. :) 


Finally we have our brunette girl ready...but do you remember - we decided that it will be dark walnut color. So I used E79 for this purpose and final touch - Е53 to gather all shades together.


And....the only thing that is left is to create a card...Here what I came up with:

Easy and Fun! :)
Hope you will find my tutorial helpful and interesting!
Have a great day and bunch of inspiration!
Daria Myagkikh


Faye Wynn-Jones said...

Beautiful :)

M DelValle said...

Love it!! Thank you so much for sharing!

KarinsArtScrap said...

Gr Karin

Sandra H said...

Thank you for sharing this your so talented and the hair colouring is stunning x

Becky said...

wow, this is awesome and I loved the well detailed tutorial. Thanks. I must get these colors and try this.

Selma Teunissen said...

Beautiful tutorial! Thank you!