Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Cicci Colors a Green Elf or Alien!!

Hi copic Lovers
Cicci here today from Sweden. Today I'm going to color A little Elf or if you rather call him a Alien !!

Step 1
I have draw this little one myself

Step 2
Add YG97 and YG 93

Step 3
Add Y02 and make some blending

Step 4
Add E87

Step 5
Add YG17 YG99 and blend all over the colors you have use with YG 91

Step 6
Add More YG93 and add Y02 and blend with YG93 blend again with Y02

Step 7
Add YG99

Step 8
Add Y02

Step 9
Add YG03

Step 10
Add G000

Step 11
Add G46 to the clothes
And little over the hair to blend out in the next step

Step 12
Add G14 for the hair blend a lot

Step 13
Add YG 05 at the hair blend a lot

Step 14
For the dyra I have used G000 G00 YG03 And G28 G29

Step 15
For the skin I have used G000 G14 YG03 G00

I have color lots of layers and I can't show you all times because the turtorial would be so boring for you but just use all your green and yellow markers and add and blend, add and blend !!!
I have done some white dots with a gelé pen and I also used some green Copics and made some dots

Lots of HUGS and SMILES


ScrappyHorses said...

How sweet is this image and coloring! Those eyes are amazing!

Cicci said...

Aww Thank you !!!! I draw this one some years ago , and make it volirful yesterday 🤗❤️ Happy you like him!!
Hugs Cicci