Monday, June 22, 2020

Melons, Strawberry, and Blueberries Color by Cicci

Hi Copic Lovers 
Cicci here posting today I'm going to color some melons and strawberries!!
It's summer, and summer for me is lots of strawberries and melons

Step 1
Draw the strawberries and melons

Step 2
I started to color the shell 
I started with G29 and YG17 blend with YG03
Add all 3 colors again and blend a lot with YG03

Step 3
Add R14

Step 4
Add R29
Also on the strawberries

Step 5
Add R35 

Step 6
Color with YR07

Step 7
Add Y02 to the strawberries

Step 8
Blend with YR02 on the strawberries

Step 9
Add E93 

Step 10
Add R89
And I have added some highlights with a Gel pen

Step 11
Add more of all the colors one more time in the same way 

 Step 12
Color the blueberries with B39, B95 and blend with B000


 Have a wonderful Day Everyone!!
See you in July

Lots of Hugs and Smiles from Us at Copic Europe

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