Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Cicci Autumn

Hi Copic lovers!
Cicci here posting. I'm going to show you a different way to color with the markers. It's going to be lots of photos so I hope you stick with me to the end of this tutorial. I have not blended so much, more like added lots of copic markers colors, and see what happens. I have blended a little in the end.

Step 1
I start to color with B000 to make some threes and shadows for them.

 Step 2
I add W3

 Step 3
Add RV00

Step 3 
Add Y02

 Step 4
Add YG95

 Step 5
Add W3 again

 Step 6
Add a lot of YR09

 Step 7
Add YR02

Step 8
Add Y02 again

Step 9
Add YR07

Step 10
Add Y13

Step 11
Add E04

 Step 12
Add E07

Step 13
Add more Y02 
Blend a little

Step 14
Add E27

 Step 15 
Add some dark brown. You can use what you have, I have used E29

Step 16
Add B00 for some sky and Highlights

 Step 17
More of Y02

Step 18

 Step 19
Add FBG2

Step 20
Add E19

 Step 21
Add V05 V04 FRV1

Step 22
Add Y38

Step 23
Add E19

Step 24
Add R39

Step 25
Add RV55

Step 26
Add  YR04

 Step 27
Add V99

Step 28
Add and blend with B000

 Step 29
Add RV66 FRV1 FBG2

Step 30
Add more of FBG1

 Step 31 
Add and blend with B000

Step 32
Blend more with B00 and B000 add more yellow in the middle FY1

 DONE ;0)

Have a Wonderful day and see you in the end of november

Hugs and Smiles 
from us Here at Copic Europa blog


Sandra H said...

So beautiful

Cicci said...

Thank you so much Sandra ๐Ÿ˜„ Cicci :)) said...


Cicci said...

Thank you !! ๐Ÿ˜„