Monday, July 22, 2019

Eye, Grey and Mulitliner Cicci

Hi Copic Lovers!!

Cicci here today posting.
I hope you are all having a great time this summer!! 
Here in Sweden we can colour a lot because there has been a few rainy days over here.

Today I'm going to make an eye using Copics from the Grey family and then I'm going to use a multi-liner, so for this you need:

Copic Combo
C10, C7, C5, C3, C2 
Multiliner 0.5 Black

Step 1
I start to make a circle for the eye

 Step 2
I just follow the circle with C7

Step 3 
I draw some lines to remind myself to leave some space for highlights, so I do not colour this area

Step 4 
I'm using the big side of the marker this time to make a thicker line around the circle using C7 again

Step 5
I add C3 and blend a little at the same time 

Step 6
Here I add C5 and blend a lot between the edge of C7 C5 and C3  I want as little edges as possible

Step 7
I add more and blend with C3 

Step 8
I added B39 around the circle 

Step 9
I add C7 in the middle

 Step 10
I make a few lines with C5

 Step 11
I add lines in the middle circle with C7

Step 12
I make lines the same way at the outer circle with C7 

 Step 13 
Here I start to use the multi-liner SP 0.5 Black. I start to make a lot of little lines 

 Step 14
Now I add some C2 almost over the hole eye

 Step 15
I add more of C5

 Step 16
Add more of C7

 Step 17
This is a fun part!
Blend a lot at the area that needs to be blended with C5 and C3

 Step 18
I add more with C7 in the edges of the circle

Step 19
Time for more colouring with the same multi-liner I used before 

Step 20
I blend and make some more lines with C5 

 Step 21
Here I use C7, C3, and the multi-liner
Add and blend

 Step 22
Blend with C2 over the eye. Remember to leave some area for the highlights

Step 23
Here I add some highlights with a white Posca pen

Step 24
Now the eye is ready and I start with a background. I colour around the eye with C5

 Step 25
I repeat this again and this time I use C7 C5 C3
Add and blend

Step 26
Here I add the darkest of the C-family, C10

Step 27
I colour the edges with C10  

Step 28
Now I add C7 C5 C3 C2 and blend a lot

Step 29
I made some details in the end with the white Posca and the black multi-liner 


Thank you for sticking with me to the end ;0)
It was a long one today!

Have a wonderful day everyone, and see you in August!!

Hugs and Smiles
from us here at Copic Europa blog

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