Friday, June 22, 2018

Cicci colouring a fruit

Hi there Copic Lovers!
Cicci here today posting!! I was thinking to show you how I made this fruit.
I hope you like it and colour and eat one today.
It's very Healthy ;0)

Step 1
First I draw the fruits and some leaves
 Then add Y13 on the top. I used a Copic Mulltiliner  0.1 for the brown details

Step 2 
 Below the Y13, add Y15

Step 3
 Add YR15 over the Y15

Step 4
Add YR12 over the two other markers and add
 little lines on top of the fruit

Step 5
Add a little darker marker, I have used YR24

Step 6
Now its time for the fun!!
Use Y15 and go over the whole fruit

Step 7
 Add some dots with YR07

Step 8 
More blending and more dots with YR04

Step  9
Blending again with Y08

Step 10
 Add some YR02 on the top on the fruit 

 Step 11
I like to use strong yellow so I added Y04 
for more light in the fruit

Step 12
Time for the babies!
Add in strokes with Y04

Step 13
Fill with Y17

Step 14
Add some YR04

 Step 15
 Add and Blend with Y15

 Step 16
Blend more with Y08
on the both the babies and the fruit

Step 17
Now I'm going to do the trick for this colouring...
Just add little white strokes on the babies and now its little like I think :0))
I have used a Posca Pen:

For the leaves, use YG23 03 13 G28 29

Have a wonderful day everyone and please feel free to visit anytime!!

HUGS and Smiles from the Copic Europa Girls,


Sandra H said...

So beautifully coloured thank you for sharing your tutorial x

Cecilia Gunnarsson said...

Thank you Sandra!!! So happy that you liked it!! Have a great day 😄