Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tutorial: Rainbow eye by Suki Manga Art

Dear Copic friends, 
today I would like to show you how you can mix a total of 22 Copic markers 
to create a colourful rainblow eye.

Please try to do it yourself, I am sure that you will enjoy it.

I hope you like it ^__^

1) First of all I used Copic multiliner 0.1 warm gray colour
 and Copic multiliner 0.05 black to crate the line art

2) Then I started to apply shadows below the eyelid.

Colours used are: W1 - C3 - C5

3) Now we can add colour for the skin around the eye

Colours used: E000 - E00 - E21 - E35

4) On this step I proceed to apply the colours following this sequence: 

G14 - YG11 - Y08 - Y00 - E11 - Y38 -  RV04 -  RV10 - V12 - BV00 - B05 - BG01 - B00 

For the lacrimal caruncle I used: R81 - R20 - RV95

5) Then I used W3 - W1 to add profundity and shadows.

For the pupil I used V09 - BV13

6) I used W3 - W5 to apply more shadow under the upper eyelid

7) To colour the eyebrow I only used E11 - E35 - E99

8) Last step is to apply bright reflections with white ink and thin lines with FB2 - E71

and.... this is the final result and all the colours used during all the process!

FB2 - B05 - BG01 - B00 - G14 - YG11 - Y00 - Y08
 - E00 - E21 - Y38 - E35 - E71 - V09 - V12 - RV95
 - RV10 - W1- W3 - C3 - C5 - B66

Have a very nice 2017! \(^O^)/ BYE!

Suki Manga Art

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Unknown said...

Suki! it looks magical! I love it!