Monday, May 2, 2016

shadowing and haircolouring tutorial

Some time ago I promised to do a hair tutorial and even better today I have a hair and face tutorial.
I have got a lot of photographs to show you so let's get started:

I started with a layer of E50 and E00. The first layer does look a bit stripey, but I don't worry about that yet. Many more layers will come and eventually I will blend all layers together with E000.

Fot some shadows I used BG0000. Blue is a cool colour and things in the distance always look more cool. I used the BG for the edges of her face and under the nose and chin.

For the 3rd layer I used the BV000 and BV00. These blue violets are just awesome for shadows.

When you only use cool colours in the face, it might look a bit weird in the end. So I decided to add some RV00 for some warmth. allthough the RV is a cool colour too, it looks warm next to the BV and BG I have been using in the previous layers. 

Aading some more shadow with the W1, especially around the eyes and under the nose. 

In this stage I took out the E000 and started blending all the layers together. 

The eyes have shadows as well. The eyelid casts a shadow on the eyeball. I used W1 and BV00 to create this shadow. The R20 is for the fleshy parts of the eyes. 

For colouring the eye I use several layers too. I started with YG61.

The 2nd layer is with YG23.

And the 3rd layer YG67. The darkest part of the eye is where the eyelid casts a shadow. So add a little of your darkest green just at the top of the eye.

Eyes usally have more than just one colour. So I added some tiny brown spots using E34 and E57.

The lips were coloured with E93, 95, 04 and 000. 

Colouring hair can be tricky.  There is always a lot of shadow in hair, all those strands going underneath other strands of hair. So I find it easier to start with my darkest colour, in this case E09. In a flicking motion I colour the darkest parts of her hair. 

Then I use the E08, YR16, YR15 and YR14 to colour the rest of the hair. I keep adding layers of ink until I'm happy with the result. The darkest colour might have been faded out a little with all those layers I put on top of it. So for some more depth I go back to the E08 and E09 to add more detail and depth to the hair. 

And this was how she looks after all those layers, but I thought she looked a bit pale and her lips weren't sparkling enough. 

I completely covered the skin in a layer of YR61 and blend it in with E000. On the lips I added some YR14, 15 and E08.
I liked it much better this way. 

And this is the end result. I used the face in my art journal and doodled a little in the background. 

See you next month.



CaroleAnn said...

Loved this - thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent with us!! Hugs

Unknown said...

Thanks sooooooooooooo much for doing this. I have copied and put in my copic notes. This is very very helpful and you have written so even I can understand. Hihihi thx again♡

Yvonne said...

Wow Miran thank you so much for your tutorial!
xxx Yvonne

Debbie Olson said...

Beautifully done!

Diny Sprakel said...

Great job, thanks for sharing. Hugs Diny

Miranda said...

A great post Miran and the results are wonderful! xx

miranda said...

Geweldig kleurwerk zo mooi
Gr miranda