Monday, November 9, 2015

Which one is your favorite

 When I started with Copic I thought it was hard to choose which colour of W, T, N, and C to start with. So today I will show the same motif and what the difference actually is in the pens. But I have not showed N since I do not have it myself, but it is most similar to T, I would say. For those of you who may already have some of them maybe I can inspire to start collecting on any of the others.
In a small area it can be hard to see what colour suits you best. The differences can be seen obviously much more on larger surfaces, so I have chosen to use a subject with a reindeer where the body is the biggest surface.
I have also stamped with black ink pad in two subjects and the third subject I chose to use a brown pad.
All designs I coloured with Distress Technique, which is not so much colour and then dark on the edges and then brighter and brighter toward the center. Hope you understand what I mean ....

Here I have used the brown ink pad and reindeer are coloured with W in different shades.
W is a warm color that goes well with the Browns.

Reindeer : W0,1,3,5,7    Nose: R00,30  Horn:100
Bag: E81,84,87
Green: YG91,93,95,97
Flower: E02,08,09

This motifs is stamped in black ink pad and coloured with C which is a very cool shade of black.

Reineer: C0,1,3,5,7  Nose:R00,3  Horn:100
Bag: E41.42,44,47
Pink: RV10,63,66,69
Green: G40,82,85

This motif is also stamped with black ink pad and coloured with T which is my favourite when I'm colouring black.

Reineer:T0,1,3,6,8    Nose:R00,30     Horn: 100
Bag: E21,23,25,27,29
Green: BG90,93,96,99
Flower: E02,08,09

Here you see all subjects next to each other in order to see the differences clearly, W,T and C. What is or will be your favorite?

Have a nice week!
Hugs / Rozzan


stempelfrida said...

Wow, super schön koloriert und klasse Motiv! Danke für die Illustration der verschiedenen Farbtöne!
Kreative Grüße von der stempelfrida

Giraffe Creations said...

Thanks!!! This was an awesome comparison!!!!

Unknown said...

That was great to see the three side by side. I think my first choice for this particular image would be W followed by T. Each one has it's own quality depending on the image. But having a side by side image to compare is great. Thanks for sharing.

Edith said...

My favorite is also the W followed by T. Love the warm colours so much.
Thanks for the comparison!