Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cygnus Hyoga, bronze Saint by Suki Manga Art

Dear Copic friends, this time I would like to show you my fan art of Hyoga.

He is one of the main characters of Saint Seiya, a Masami Kurumada's manga. He is the Bronze Saint of the Cygnus constellation.

This is the list of Copic colours that I used to create it:

Skin and eyes: E000 - E00 - E11 - B00 - B05
Hair: Y08 - Y06 - E35
Flower: R27 - RV04 - R59 - BG09 - G17 - YG06
Armour and clothes: C1 - C3 - C5 - C7 - B00 - B60 - B29 - B05
Background: 100 - Blender - B00 - BG09 - B05 - B29

For little details I used a white ink pen

I hope you like it
See you soon!

(^____^)/  bye

Suki Manga Art

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Sandra H said...

WOW awesome card beautiful image and design, amazing creation as always