Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tutorial: Skies

this time I'll show you how to draw Skies.
First of all, keep some rules in mind. Otherwise it will be very difficult to draw a beautiful sky.

Rule #1: Know YOUR PAPER!
Copics behave variable on different paperand on some blending smoothly  is very difficult.

RULE #2: Choose a suitable paper!
Choose a paper which is not only suitable for mixing and blending colours 
but also can bear some layers.

Rule #3: Use Copic Sketch or Ciaos
Because of their brush nib they are more suitable for drawing fluffy clouds and smooth blending 

RULE #4: Know how to mic colours. If you're clueless, use the Copic Colouring Wheel.
It can be a great help

Let's start with the easiest Sky: A simple blue sky

1.Choose a paper suitable for colouring wide areas smoothly

2.Roughly outline the clouds with a pale grey marker

3. Begin to paint the background, starting with the darkest colour
and drawing in one direction 

4. Mark the skies colour gradiation with different colours
while sparing the clouds
5. Start blending by mixing the colours

6. Once the background is finished, you can draw the clouds,
beginning with tagging the darkest areas.

7. Again mark the different colour gradations and apply the colour
in small circling strokes. Don't forget to spare some white areas!

8. After blending the colours by mixing them, you can set some highlights
 with white gel pen, ink or opaque white

Hahnemühle Layout & Illustration Manga Paper
Sky: B32,B28, B26,B24,B23,B12,B00
Clouds: B91,B60,B41,BV20, N1 +White Gel Pen

The next one is a little bit mor complicated. It's a dawn sky

1.Start with tagging the background area with a yellow and blue  colour tone

2. Be careful to keep space between yellow and blue and start tagging the clouds with BV25-23 

3.Choose a drawing direction. Start colouring with wiping movements (steadily decreasing pressure)

4. Roughly define the light and the dark areas. Use YR-tones for the bright areas

5. Start blending by adding new colour levels and mixing them

6.For a soft transition between the lightest and the darkest area use YR-(Layer) and Y(base)-tones and mix them

7. Apply the colour in circling strokes to make the clouds fluffy

8. Continue blending until you're satisfied with the result


Hahnemühle Illustration & Layout Manga Paper
Colours: V99, V20, V01, V0000,BV31, BV25, BV23, BV20,B60,
B32,B23, R20,R02, YR61, YR02, YR01, YR00,Y11, Y00


1. Start again with tagging the clouds and you light areas

2.Choose a light background colour and draw in one direction

3. Highlight the light areas with a YR tone

Apply the colour in circling strokes to make the clouds fluffy. Use BV 24-23 for the dark parts

5. Step by step ad another layer with circling strokes. 

Hahnemühle Illustration & Layout Manga Paper
V95, Rv91, Rv32, R20, R00, E00, E000, E04,B60,,BV31,BV25,BV23,BV20,BV00,YR61,YR20,YR02,YR01

I hope my tutorial was helpful.

Kind regards,

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