Thursday, January 23, 2014

Copic Markers on washable Textiles - Baby Onesies

Hi Copic Lovers,

Have you ever coloured with Copics on textiles? And what if it's not only a decorative piece of textile, but one that should be washed from time to time?
So, today I come up with a project where I've used Copics on a Baby Onesie (cotton).
I've coloured, washed, dried and ironed it to show you that it not only looks super cute, but really works well. It's so easy to create lovely little personalised gifts for new borns.

You need:

Baby Onesie
(best, if allready washed off the chemicals of textile production)

in the colours of your choice

stamp of your choice

thick cardboard
(to put between the onesie)

Copic Markers


Put the cardboard into the onesie (between front and back side) to prevent stamp and copic bleed through. Make sure your stamp is well inked. Don't use Staz-On ink, as it'll ruin your markers! A lot of other inkpads are water based, so they're useless for this kind of project.

Let dry the stamped image, before colouring it. You can fasten up that process by ironing it (use a thin cloth or tissue on top of the image to protect your iron). Blending your Copics is not that easy on textile as they are on paper. You can easily control the amount of colour. Start softly and if you need to intensify the colour, go over it twice and more slowly to let the fiber suck up the colour. But be careful to prevent bleeding it over the lines. Better keep a thin distance to your line and wait if it's running out to the lines after a while. Otherwise you can add a little more colour.


Here you can see the details... and now I use again my iron to dry it up completely.
Again using a protection for your iron. Then I left it resting over night.

I recommend you to wash it by hand. That's a much softer treatment.
If you want to wash it in the machine, I'd recommend you to turn it inside out, so the image will not be rubbed by other textiles.

rince it well and then hang up to dry.

softest would be drying on air instead of putting it into the tumbler.

Under the head of the turtle and under the carrot you can see it ran out of the lines.  Happened, because I seemed to use a bit to much colour. So take another chance to practise until you "feel" how much it needs :)

At the moment I have found out no fixing method that prevents/minimises washing off or bleaching (as Copics are alcohol based and react to sunlight). There are many different textile colours on the market with each their own fixing sprays. But it should be tested how they react with Copics and Memento ink. I see less problems using a fixing spray if you're creating textiles for adults. But I'd be rather carefull if textiles are in touch with sensitive baby skin. If someone allready has good experiences with some fixing spray, let us all know and share your ideas placing a comment right below :) THANK YOU!

In another tutorial comming up soon I'll show you how to create such textile gifts using your Digi-Stamps :)

So, have fun trying it & see you back soon!
Creative Greetings,


Za ovinkom said...

Wooow ! Great! Love your tutorial.

Selma Teunissen said...

Lovely Angie!

Vesi said...

Wow, great idea. Thank you Angie

Franz♥ said...

Wow! Thank you for your tutorial Angie, the result is stunning, I've to try!

Hugs, Franz.

Kaspar said...

Copic Markers on washable Textiles - Baby Onesies. Hi Copic Lovers,. Have you ever coloured with Copics on textiles? And what if it's not only ...