Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Little Panther Girl

Hello everyone, for this month I thought to give more prominence to the dress of my kawaii girl, drawing a panterata fantasy .... tell me what you think!!!

I leave you to the detailed explanation:

I draw my kawaii girl using Copic Multiliner

E000 for the base of the complexion

R000 and V91 to complete the complexion

E71 and E04 for eyelashes

V91, V15, BV02, E04 and Copic Multiliner to complete the eyes

E41 for the base of the dress

E33 to start coloring the panterata pattern on the dress

E37 to continue the panther fantasy

I finish the fantasy of the dress with black Copic Multiliner

R20 and R22, for cheeks and mouth, C-1 to give shade to the eyes

E33 to color the paw on the cheek

E41 for hair base

V91 for hair

BV02 to complete the hair

V91 and E33 for ears

E33 for hair elastic bands

E41 and E33 for the tail

E37 for shoes. V91 and Copic Multiliner black for the bag.

W-3 to give shade to the dress

E000 for stains in the background.
E41, E33 and BV02 for paws in the background

With a white gel pen I draw the light points

This is the end result.


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