Friday, May 14, 2021

Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun.

Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun

Hi everyone, this month I thought about drawing Hanako and Nene, the protagonists of Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun, a manga/anime that I really like.

After using Copic Multiliner to draw Hanako and Nene, I start coloring complexion with E000.

RV10, E02 and E00, to finish the complexion.

BG23, G00, W-3 and W-1 for Nene hair.

W-7, E71 and W-1 for Nene's dress.

RV10, W-3 and W-1 for nene's dress sleeves.

RV10, E71 and W-7 for the spring on Nene's hair.

YR68, Y17 and E41 for Hanako's eyes.

R17 for Hanako's facial writing.

C-7 and Copic Multiliner for Hanako hair.

YR31, Y17 and E35 for Hanako jacket buttons.

C-5 and C-7 for Hanako's jacket.

For the collar of the shirt and for the collar of Hanako's jacket, I used W-1, W-3 and RV10.

C-7 and C-5 for Hanako's hat.

YR31, Y17 and E35 for the buttons and coat of arms that Hanako has on his hat.

R17 and R59 for Hanako hat ribbon.

W-1, W-3 and YG91, for Nene brooch.

YG91, W-3 and W-1 for Hanako ghosts (I added one behind my shoulder).

W-3 and W-1 to complete Hanako's hair.

This is the finished drawing.
I hope it was helpful, thank you for watching.


Ana said...

I like it so much!!!!

Unknown said...

Very beautiful! Compliments!!

Diny Sprakel said...

Great blog post. Thank you