Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Bathtub

Hello Copic fans,

Today it's time for a tutorial again. This time I decorated a bathtub.

A few months ago I bought this little bathtub somewhere, but at that time I didn't know what to do with it.

Recently I got an idea and decided to make a tutorial of it.
At first I painted the whole tub with white gesso.

After drying I airbrushed the tub, but the edges and legs, with colour number R8g of Copic and I did it with purpose in different shades.

After that I used different colors and templates of Dutch Doobadoo to create various prints on the outside of the bathtub.

I used different parts of various templates because it isn't possible to use one template correct, because the bathtub is all around.

After that I used flakes from Indigo Blu to colour the edges and legs. To glue the flakes I used Flitter glu.

In my view the legs of a bath should be cold-coloured (that's my idea of an old- fashioned bathtub), but I didn't found that a nice combination so I used silver flakes.

Than I took a tissue, glued it a little tight on a sheet of paper, which I stamped twice with a stamp and coloured it with Copics.

The flowers and leaves  are also coloured with Copics and a few branches and butterflies I made darker.

After that I removed the tissue from  the paper; teared carefully the prints from the paper so the bottom layer of the tissue is left. The print is glued on both sides of the tub. Normally you have to stamp the second print mirrored, but because the tissue is very thin, it can by turned over without problems because the ink comes through at the backside.

Brushed the bathtub with a little decoupage glue (I used “Slap It On” of Indigo Blu), put the print on it and brushed it again with another layer decoupage glue. 

I finished with a layer of varnish on the total bathtub.
And this is the result. Now I can use it as a present filled with all kind of stuff for the bath, a little plant or another present.

A last a picture to show the details; the paper is not visible anymore and the colours of the bottom layer come through a little.

The colours I used:
Bathtub: R 85
Big flowers: BV08 – BV04 – BV02
Little flowers: E19 – YR07 – Y17 – Y04
Leave: YG97 – YG95 – YG17 – YF23

I hope I inspired you again and lead on to new ideas how to work with all kind of materials.


Sandra H said...

Wendy this is gorgeous and thank you for the tutorial x

Gea said...


Franz♥ said...

So original Wenda, fab idea!

Hugs, Franz.

Helga said...

Wow - great idea - perfect made !
LG Helga