Saturday, February 1, 2014

Color Wheel 2014


 our colleagues from the USA have published a new version of the Copic Color Wheel.
 It is more simular to the Copic Swatchbook from them. In one straight line, you can see the Natural Blending Group.
In this sample the BV group, choosing colors within a blending group gives you the certainty that the blending will be smoother. 

When I take a greater part of the cake , I can show you one Color Family the BV's, we have 11 of them. They all behave similar, only the E family behaves differently. Because they are made out of other Colors.

The colors at the outer circle contain the most white , they are close to the sun. The colors on the inner circle contain much more grey and are the  darkest.

In the following picture I can show you that the different Grey Families belong to certain Color Families.

If you use grey for shadowing, try to take the grey that belongs to the color famliy.

I have placed the color wheel  in a Word document ready for printing,
I hope this will help you in the colorful world of Copic Markers.

Regards Diny


Robin said...

Thanks so much. What a great help! Hugs, Robin

monny2 said...

This is going to be a huge help to me. Thank you so much for sharing.


Selma Teunissen said...

Thank you for sharing Diny!